Coir Mats

Coir mats possess great absorbency, excellent scraping properties and come in an almost bewildering array of stock sizes, colors, designs, qualities. Coir products can be used in almost all domestic situations. As mats, indoors or outdoors, the later preferably in areas not directly open to the weather, suitable for all price ranges from the budget to luxury.

The qualities available in coir mats are Traditional Hand Tufted doormats and Machine Tufted doormats.
The Traditional Hand Tufted doormats are mainly Creel Mats, Fiber Mats and Discounted Mats.
The Machine Tufted doormat is mainly Vinyl Backed Coir Mats.

Rubber Mats

Suitable for all applications. Washable, durable and ideal for wet areas. Rubber mats can be used as entrance as well as out doormats. Available in different qualities, thickness and sizes.

Grill Mats:- These 100% Rubber mats are made by molding natural rubber and looks like traditional cast iron mats. They combine elegance with durability and are easy to clean. These mats are suitable for out door and indoor. Intricate, ornamental and architectural patters are available in different sizes shapes and thickness.
Pin Mats:- Non slip black and colored rubber mat with small pins are economical as well as durable. Easy to clean.
Hollow Mats:- Hollow Ring mats are suitable for domestic as well as industrial applications. They facilitate better cleaning and trapping of dust and prevent tripping. Also ideal for all weather conditions.
Step Mats:- These mats are providing elegance to steps. Easy to clean and durable.

Rubber & Coir Mats

These are mats made by molding Coir mats, Matting with natural rubber. These mats are eco-friendly and have an anti – skid Rubber backing. Available in a range of designs in standard as well as custom sizes.

Combination Brush Mats:- Combination of Coir creel brush mat with natural rubber. Giving fine brush effect for better cleaning.
Combination Grill Brush Mats:- Combination of Coir creel brush mat with an outer Rubber Wrought Iron Scroll Border. The combined properties of Coir and Rubber make these mats very strong and durable. Printed designs also available.
Combination Non Brush Mats:- Economic, durable and eco-friendly, these mats are made by molding woven Coir matting with natural Rubber.
Combination Non Brush Mats Printed:- Economic, durable and eco friendly, these mats are made by molding woven coir matting with natural rubber. Available with or without prints in standard weave patterns like Boucle Herring bone or Panama.
Inlaid Vinyl Mats:- Molded rubber mats with Natural/Bleached of Vinyl backed coir mats glued. Available in many sizes and shapes in attractive patterns. The openings in the mats effectively trap debris making life easier for your interiors.

Coir & Jute Rugs

A range of exquisite 100% Coir and Jute floor coverings. Made on traditional hand loom, mainly used as floor coverings, floor runners, furnishing stairs, and ceiling lining. Also available with latex backing.

Jute Rugs:- A range of exquisite 100% jute rugs made in traditional handloom, mainly used as floor coverings, floor runners available in customized sizes. Jute rugs are available in different woven patterns. To make them skid – free latex backing can be done. The borders can be stitched with cotton/ jacquard webbing in matching colors. Jute rugs are also available in printed patterns by using color fast dyes in customized sizes.
Coir Rugs:- Wide range of Coir rugs made in traditional style handlooms, mainly used as floor coverings, floor runners as per the required sizes. Coir rugs available in different woven patterns. Coir rugs with matching borders also available. Printed Coir rugs are another variety in Coir rugs.


Available both in Traditional hand made quality and in Machine made synthetic quality.

Handmade PP Mats:- The 100% PP yarn in various colors woven in hand looms in different traditional styles like as loops and as cut pile which gives brush effect.
Synthetic PP Mats:- Non- skid mats made of Rubber and synthetic PP material, available in attractive patterns and colors. Its main advantage is durable and water absorbent.

Geo Textile/Logs/Garden Accessories

A wide variety of woven open mesh fabrics generally used to prevent soil erosion. They protect land surface and promote quick vegetation. Woven and non-woven, geotextiles are 100% eco –friendly and ideal for a number of soil bio-engineering applications. As totally bio-degradable coir netting, it adds organic nutrients to the soil and help soil stabilization. Easy to install. Available in different weights, mesh sizes and strengths.

Garden Accessories:- Accessories essential for modern day gardening elegant poles, plant pots, hanging baskets etc. are available. Coconut husk chips also are widely used.


We offer qualitative and customized products as per the requirement of our customers. These products are made by using natural fibers, which ensures the durability of our products. Further, all our products are of reasonable price.

Our product range includes:-Grass Baskets, Grass Table mats, Banana Fiber Baskets, Banana Fiber Table Mats, Screw pine file folders, Screw pine Table mats, Screw pine Baskets, Jute bags, Jute Hammocks and lots more…